The portrayal of women in Healthcare as depicted by Dr S Jain

Almost every little girl gets  inspired by female health providers. A female health provider, provides an exact medium plate for a young generation that cultivate true dreams and aspiration . Not only young girls admire female health workers, but young boys do have great respect for the female practitioner.
Usually not much said or written about the everyday struggle of a female health provider due to segregation of work in our society. Amazingly, the female practitioners are doing everything so gracefully that many people don’t even realize how disciplined and how strong one has to be for  being the  perfect role model of the young generation.
Here Dr Sapna Jain, ENT specialist by profession, created a video that can depict what and how female practitioners are managing in this unprecedented time of corona.

Karma in Corona 



We are the doctors glorious
We are the corona warriors
We are the mother dutiful
We are the wife skill full
We are the caretaker
We are the roti -maker
We are a fantastic cook
We least concerned about the look.
We prefer
the stethoscope instead of a gold chain
ignore fashion lines to choose PPE plain

We are the teacher for the child.
We are the provider with a smile
Be it home, hospital or community
We can see the opportunity
To connect with passion
To communicate with compassion
The day may begin before the sunrise
Or night may not permit to close the eyes
A never-ending story
But certainly full of glory
Every morning I want to walk on a ramp
But I choose to visit my medical camp
Picking some things out of my lunch wrap
To serve humanity as a champ
Amalgamation of
being caring
to being daring
A source of power and inspiration
for the future generation
Here we present the outline
To show the shine of female frontline

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