For a successful party : friends are the secret

22nd August 2020, was not a regular Saturday for me. I was invited with family to Abir’s 3rd birthday party, and my job ends by reaching there on time at 3:00 pm. I knew that wonderful host would be there to take care of the rest. Accordingly, my assumption matches the result, so time to understand how everything happened so perfectly.

Arranging, a toddlers party, is no less than a mammoth task for parents alone. The arrangement itself includes multitasking: taking care of bunch toddlers plus focusing on cake and food. In the middle of this, most significant challenge, keeping guest and kids happy and smiling.

But as we say, friends are the real treasure of life that comes in a blessing box that wrapped with the layers of laughter and joy.

Undoubtedly, team Abir consists of an exemplary set of friendly people that can create delight out of every little thing. I feel the whole excellent arrangement by the group of friends depicting the story of friendship and community.


abir's birthday (2)

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