Why double-checking essential?

August 28th, 2022, at 1:30 pm, I was in a restaurant with my family, planning who all would go for an evening birthday party of 5-year-old . Suddenly, my phone rang, and the caller was my friend and host of a birthday party, Priyanka. I picked up the phone, and she quickly said -“Kaha rah Gayi “(where are you?). I realised the party must have started with her tone and mixed up the timing. I could only mutter the words – “I thought it was 3:00 -4:00 pm ” and kept the phone.

I again checked the invitation card. How and why I miss the timing?
Perhaps, I was focusing too much on remembering the date and locating the venue on GPS. Hence, missed out on one essential piece of information.


On top of it, the GPS showed a 90km drive from my area, so reaching on time was almost impossible. So, I missed the birthday party due to missing out on double-checking. I thought about how important it is to double-check things for every plan. One could imagine if such a mistake happened in a workspace, how disastrous the consequences, especially in medical science, such as missing checking the name and date of birth before a blood transfusion. I reflected and realised the rule of doublechecking can save lives and, in my case, join a birthday party on time.


One comment

  1. Simple things to be kept in mind and to be penned down,so gracefully, can be done by only n only one .
    i.e our Dr. Gargi


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