Twinkle Twinkle, no more star please!

Have you ever noticed the concept of placing stars for hotels and home appliances has evolved into the idea for creating a tailored star rating for health provider with a photograph? There are numerous websites which claim to provide an authentic review about a health practitioner with there glittering stars and extensive comment section. The number of a star attached to a health provider name perhaps depicts a negative story on first glance but never allows the public to view the real picture of that particular branch or case.
For instance, obstetric and gynaecology field deals with their patients nearly in an emergency, and it’s almost impossible to predict the outcome till the last minute. Looking at a case scenario, a husband rated an eminent obstetrician of the town as one star and wrote a lengthy criticism for performing caesarian delivery in spite of the initial assurance of a normal delivery. While reading these reviews, it is sometimes puzzling how can emergency branches expect 100 % outcome. Above it, the significant question for medical fraternity would be: are we suppose to fall in the trap of star rating? Is it essential for us to expose ourselves in the toxic domain of star rating? Can as individualised practice, we ever able to equate ourselves to a flourishing hotel business or perhaps with a brand of a washing machine or plasma TV.
Along with all the negative aspect of star rating, the element of ethics somewhere conflicts with a star rating of health providers.
Overall, star rating may sound an astonishing suggestion for other industry; however, for the health sector, it has no apparent benefit. Instead, it helps to create a sense of confusion among practitioners and the public.


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