A story of a bottle: Meet the powerful yet destructive alcohol

A few days back, I was silently sitting on the shelf of a bottle shop and waiting for my turn to be picked up by some admirer of mine. I waited for a month or two, and then there came a twenty-year-old in the shop. Desperately, the young man picked me and went to theContinue reading “A story of a bottle: Meet the powerful yet destructive alcohol”

Parenting challenges while nurturing little creative brains

I could never realise that dealing with a writer adolescent could be tedious and jeopardise dynamics of household relationship; until I met Nancy, a 14-year-old, class eight student. Nancy was an obedient and topper student until her sixth grade. Her loving and caring doctor parents gifted her logical mindset, which helped her to put herContinue reading “Parenting challenges while nurturing little creative brains”

Same problem at the same channel at the same frequency: that’s life

At the cusps of midlife, one often look back and reflect; perhaps, to approach future cautiously but with elements of optimism. Of course, the sense of guilt blanket often covers us more than the proud moment. Usually, own accomplishments underestimated, and failures blow out of proportion. Isn’t that human nature to self-sabotage for every actionContinue reading “Same problem at the same channel at the same frequency: that’s life”

What a cup of coffee holds?

When the historians of the future era would explore the characteristics of middle age adults of twenty nineteen (2019), they would undoubtedly mention a revolution in the connectivity of people around the globe with social networking. The FB would perhaps top the chart for providing a safe venue for meeting people after work. Probably, theContinue reading “What a cup of coffee holds?”

Who to blame: the soft target of health system

Ironically, the incident of asking a bunch of questions to a health provider is similar to scolding a teenager for poverty, over crowdedness and unhygienic condition of the house. The child, perhaps with courage, could mutter some words that the father is a chronic alcoholic and mother was beaten by the father and now admittedContinue reading “Who to blame: the soft target of health system”

The cob-web of disease, doctors, patients, relatives, community, and violence

In the textbook from the western world, the treatment protocol involves a triangle consisting of a doctor, a patient and a disease. But in a collective society, treatment resembles a cobweb: a doctor, a patient, illness, and a mob consisting of the patient’s relatives, friends, village, suburb. Ironically, no Western textbook or research paper has yet tried to show the interrelationship of the health sector and the anger of the crowd, which is directly proportionate to the vandalism in the community.