Parenting challenges while nurturing little creative brains

I could never realise that dealing with a writer adolescent could be tedious and jeopardise dynamics of household relationship; until I met Nancy, a 14-year-old, class eight student.

Nancy was an obedient and topper student until her sixth grade. Her loving and caring doctor parents gifted her logical mindset, which helped her to put her thoughts on paper analytically. Consequently, she start expressing her self through poetry. Naturally, with her persistent efforts towards poetry, her skills were at a much higher level than her age group; hence, she was continuously appreciated for the craft.
However, her ability leads her to the world of dream and desire of publishing books.
Dreaming out of one’s age group indeed leads to criticism. Perhaps, the adolescent mind is somehow unable to see themselves in restraint and wants to rebel for their dream and purpose. Unfortunately, Nancy couldn’t be able to withstand the criticism and start showing a sudden decline in her exam scorecards. Her world shattered and she cocooned with her thoughts, believing that she is not good in studies. But her dream of writing doesn’t leave her and always inspired her to write more. The teachers and parents negatively take such headstrong behaviour. Also reaches to a point where she had been poorly humiliated in front of her class.

While meeting on the first visit at a doctors office, her writing patterns and thought process gives the impression of schizophrenia. Probably, her high-level collection of English poems confuses practitioner with some hidden meaning thought process. As a result , her aspiration and creativity labelled her stubborn, eccentric and grandiose.
Nancy paid the price-of the inability to accommodate highly creative children in our regular school curriculum. When asked who taught you how to write so efficiently? “I did it by reading books and increasing my vocabulary “-she proudly smiled.

Undoubtedly, if a person invests time in learning a language, he/she must be cutting downtime in another subject. However, it shouldn’t be tagging her failure in another topic. One must understand such child work double harder than others. They do homework for the school and simultaneously, growing their creative sides. Should parents not understand the dilemma of the creative mind than who else should? Perhaps, our education system needs to fit in the gifted children rather than making them a scapegoat.

Overall, the tremendous courage of the parents required to assist a creative little brain in conquering the world.

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