The candles on the cake and the cakewalk of the parenthood

Suppose you met my mom and dad around fifteen years ago and asked what they feel about raising a child. “Oh, one of the easiest tasks, I presume” – perhaps mom would have chirped. “Must be fun to play with your own kid” – most likely dad would have boasted.

I guess dad must have thought that child is some personally designed gadget that works with a remote control system and that can be easily be kept aside somewhere in the house.

Before marriage, my mom and dad were fun-loving yet ambitious sort of creatures who love to take extra risk to enhance their adrenaline to a few notches higher. I love their fun-loving attitude and extraordinary cooking skill, hence, decided to drop myself as a pleasant surprise of a baby boy. My newborn behaviour starts irritating the aspiring couple and soon both themselves turned as an irritating individual. I can’t understand how could my infant behaviour can hamper their career growth? But that’s what these full-grown adults started believing in and started a constant fight. I wish if these grown-up adult could focus more on me rather than those tower of heaps of books, perhaps they could enjoy more.

I presume, my grandfather and grandmother realised something was terribly wrong with new mom and dad and hence decided to intervene and called me to stay at their place. The warmth, kindness and management of my grandmother house let me feel as if I am the prince of the house. That was the best days of my life when I quickly start hitting my milestones without any tension of getting blamed for my existence by my parents. Soon my birthday candles started growing up and so do I, leaving behind an irritating infant to metamorphosis into a handsome young toddler, who loves to ride his tricycle as proudly as a rich man drove his latest car.

One extra thing I also learned in these years that how to melt the heart of your parents by running towards them and hanging like a little monkey once they returned from home. I also learned manipulation and start blackmailing my parents emotionally to fulfil my larger than life wishes. My parents were again facing another challenging aspect of my growing age. How to fix my overdemanding behaviour? So they bought dozens of books on parenting tips to kill the monster in me. Strangely, they now started working in a team and seems more organised to discipline me. Soon they master the art of mastering a toddler. But life is not fair to them. The moment they feel empowered to control me, another candle comes on my birthday, and I touched my teen. Hooray!!! Another set of problems for my poor parents. They need to learn again to navigate a teen. They felt tired with constant changes of circumstances, yet they have to walk on the path of parenthood that is a no easy cakewalk. Happy parenting, keep doing a good job. 

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