Toddler or Teen: Trust is the theme

Scene one Nancy, 8-year-old, entered the room with her full energy and started jumping on the bed as if its a trampoline. Her mum Sussan sitting on the couch after her long night shift in a hospital asked Nancy -“Could you please stop and sit down to study “. “NO NO NO ” giggled NancyContinue reading “Toddler or Teen: Trust is the theme”

A sketch of a poorly performing student without a backdrop

For teenagers, school gates are the doors of dreams, hopes and aspiration. However, there are particular unpleasant situations where going to school becomes perplexing. One evening a girl visited my house in Tripura and greeted me with a pleasant smile. She was a pleasure to talk as she proudly told me about her achievements, suchContinue reading “A sketch of a poorly performing student without a backdrop”

Nonsense can make a sense : welcome to the world of toddler

Each set of couple with kids faces unique set of challenges for their kids . Suggestions that works for others may not suits you as a  parent . Hence, tailoring is needed according to one’s situation. However, common denominator of safety and teaching a child about basic human qualities in a fun way remains constant.Continue reading “Nonsense can make a sense : welcome to the world of toddler”

Lifestyle and lifestyle choices

Usually, the word lifestyle synonymised with grandiosity, opulence and beauty in magazines and newspaper. The glossy larger than life images are enough to capture the senses of readers and persuade them to be part of the affluent brand. Unfortunately, my illusion with the word lifestyle shrank after visiting the arena of public health. Here, mercilessly, Continue reading “Lifestyle and lifestyle choices”

How can awesome twosome be quarrelsome

It was a beautiful Sunday morning;  dear gorgeous mom wants to have 15 more minutes nap before arranging breakfast for the family. Everything seems calm and serene till she heard a thud and then a shrilling cry mingled with a howl. She jumped out of bed and rushed towards the catastrophic scenario created by herContinue reading “How can awesome twosome be quarrelsome”

Let the child sail the boat

One word, I searched to describe the expectation of parents for above eight and below 12 children is ‘self- motivation’ As a parent, we have our side of stories to narrate how frustrating it is to ask a child regularly to do his routine task. The daily dose of preaching from parents sometimes becomes naggingContinue reading “Let the child sail the boat”

Blaming for crossing the line

Sitting alone in Ashok Vatika,  Sita heavy heartedly repents her decision of crossing Lakshman Rekha. She recalled how she was conned by the demon Ravan for his initial harmless looks of a sage. Would she knows about such devastating consequences on first glance, had she ever stepped outside the Lakshman Rekha? Perhaps, never! Meanwhile, RavanContinue reading “Blaming for crossing the line”

Behind the screen: benefit of expressing views on web world by health providers

Have you ever wonder how can the internet be useful for disseminating knowledge in the field of health science ? Perhaps, many health providers wish to exchange their wisdom at a population level however unable to navigate themselves towards web zone. Usually, health professionals usage of internet limited to checking emails, posting career milestones onContinue reading “Behind the screen: benefit of expressing views on web world by health providers”

Are you a tired parent ?

There are numerous resources available about raising a child and how to turn a baby into a good human being. However, in the modern world, there is minimal discussion offered for the well being of parents. Usually, assumed that parents should make their arrangements to raise a child and perform on the yardstick of societalContinue reading “Are you a tired parent ?”