Walk to explore the unknown

One weird habit of childhood stays with me perhaps as a hobby, to randomly walk on the street of unknown places. These random walks involve getting down to any street and start taking unusual roads without consulting GPS. The game of walking can lead you to a vibrant shopping stretch or sometimes can lead to the discovery of a beautiful park. This sort of walking helped me to connect with nature and provided me with a time to be with myself.
I was perhaps blessed to visit different places for various reasons. I feel destiny provided me with enough fertile ground to nourish my hobby of random walking. While walking, I developed another passion of clicking random pictures of places, roads or flowers. These random observations compelled my thought process to flow in the direction of writing articles.
I can trace back the habit of random walking started with a morning walk with my dad and grandpa. The sound of cracking dried leave while walking through ‘aam key bagh'(mango garden) was enough to connect the brain with mother nature. Sometimes exploring unknown can be a beautiful experience that one can cherish for a lifetime.

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