What a cup of coffee holds?

When the historians of the future era would explore the characteristics of middle age adults of twenty nineteen (2019), they would undoubtedly mention a revolution in the connectivity of people around the globe with social networking. The FB would perhaps top the chart for providing a safe venue for meeting people after work. Probably, the current communication mode of speaking would primarily be taken over with typed words and emoji expression. Unquestionably, social media gathering have been inextricably woven with our generation, and we start forgetting our skill of meeting people with flesh and blood.
Getting out of comfort zone to explore a day with your besties is hard for a variety of pre-committed reasons such as busy schedule at work and home.

For women, a larger goal is to conquer the work-life balance and for a man sailing the boat in the hope of the two ends meet.

Isn’t to create a perfect life-illusion, our generation designed a castle built with layers of emotional detachment and isolation? We all need a break from our ideal self-image and indulge more with childhood buddies. The technique of rewinding may not need a luxury party or an expensive holiday destination. Perhaps a cup of coffee in the company of a good friend can restore our faith in the supportive environment of social architecture. Hence, reach out and explore more.

coffee cup


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