Same problem at the same channel at the same frequency: that’s life

At the cusps of midlife, one often look back and reflect; perhaps, to approach future cautiously but with elements of optimism. Of course, the sense of guilt blanket often covers us more than the proud moment. Usually, own accomplishments underestimated, and failures blow out of proportion. Isn’t that human nature to self-sabotage for every action which doesn’t produce result from a social yardstick.
Perhaps, creating ‘a clone ‘of a prosperous and economically stable human being is the goal. However, the speed breakers or the collapses of life plans nourishes us to develop as a unique individual on planet earth. Presumably, midlife is the most suitable time to go back and unfold pages of the early teens and twenties. Interestingly, often new generation approach midlife couples for pieces of advice and guiding their decision . Conceivably, moments of providing encouragements to the younger generation can give you a sense of Deja vu. Unquestionably, naïve elements  and the high energy level of the early twenties lead anyone to take up more risk in life.
Along with the risk-taking comes the chapter of achievement and failure. This achievement can be in personal life such as marriage and having kids or professional fulfilment of career goals. However, it is the unfulfilled targets in personal and professional life, which we tend to classify in broad umbrella  term of failure. However, explore more about these failures; one could realise these are a little learning experience which is necessary to navigate life in a much more meaningful way. Reasonably, at the cusp of midlife, every triumph and defeat blends far away as blue sky merges with the sparkling blue river.

at the cusp

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