Whirlpooling around a health provider

The health providers in India can easily vouch on the fact that clinicians handling children are often on a  receiving end of violence created by a  mob. Although, none of the medical branches having an immunity towards violence, however, paediatricians often became a soft target for vandals. Undoubtedly, the sympathy card of involvement of a child often translates into uncontrollable anger of a mob whose primary purpose is to lynch the health provider.

Scenarios of violence are almost similar: start with the cacophony of human voices with whirlpooling around a health provider and hackling, beating and killing with weapons afterwards.

Has anyone noticed the bloodthirsty nature of the crowd involved in violence towards health providers? These brutal attack perhaps exhibit a transcript of a  ‘negatively twisted society’ which is creating people with a low threshold of anger and blowing things out of proportion.
The question here is not exclusive for the attitude towards paediatricians; instead, it is a question of the behaviour of the aggressive crowd. Can we let an anarchical herd of people decide the fate of a health provider of a country . Are grossly disorganised mob creating a new gameshow for the recreation: hunting a clinician/paediatrician? Here it is essential to understand rebelling against a health provider in a community is not a task of bravery or glory. Should people want a change in their respective regions, it is better to process talks with government agencies and local leaders. However, crucifying the clinicians of a country for low resources would indeed crumble the entire health system.
The current pattern of destruction and devastation towards paediatricians certainly needs the attention of higher authorities and government. The amount of knowledge and time provided by a paediatrician to a community is enormous; however; unfortunately, the behaviour of the crowd shows absolute atrophy of gratitude.


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