Are you a tired parent ?

There are numerous resources available about raising a child and how to turn a baby into a good human being. However, in the modern world, there is minimal discussion offered for the well being of parents. Usually, assumed that parents should make their arrangements to raise a child and perform on the yardstick of societal terms which includes official assignments to home management. There is no written guideline available for parent’s, what they are supposed to do? Interestingly, parenting skills throughout the world is still intuitive and culturally oriented. Hence, there is no right or wrong answer of one’s parenting style as these styles are adopted mostly through our knowledge gained from our home and community practices.

Acknowledge that taking care of a baby is not an easy task, thus always, appreciate yourself for doing the tough job. Don’t be harsh on your sleeping patterns. There is no harm to take a small nap while the baby is sleeping. Household work can wait but not your tiredness.   It’s crucial to understand: Often while raising a child waking up in the middle of the night is a regular pattern, and a mom tends to feel sleepy during day time. Hence, try to take a nap while your baby is sleeping in the morning.

Prioritise your sleep while household chores and socialising can take a pause.


Choose realistic over perfection. It’s a great idea to do everything in an organised way and doing the best for the child. However, little chaotic and out of order things are the normal of a house with small children. It’s understandable, every morning, a mom and a dad want to perform like a superhuman being and holds a huge task list. Buying groceries to baking cake, everything is in the morning wish list. However, results in a small child household are something we all are aware of.

Hence, Try to be realistic rather than wishful

Don’t hesitate to seek help
Undoubtedly, the mother can give the best care for a child . However, such thoughts can bother a mother to seek advice from outside. In current scenarios of globalisation, it is tough to have family and friends around. Therefore, people need to rely on childcare and babysitters .

It’s better to seek help from outside sources and offer yourself more time, rather than getting frustrated for single-handedly managing a baby . 

 Reinventing and rejuvenating yourself is an essential element of parenting. A good mom and dad necessarily don’t synonym with a tired parent. Parenting is not a competition; it is an art which needs to be done at your own pace and with your style.

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