Blaming for crossing the line

Sitting alone in Ashok Vatika,  Sita heavy heartedly repents her decision of crossing Lakshman Rekha. She recalled how she was conned by the demon Ravan for his initial harmless looks of a sage. Would she knows about such devastating consequences on first glance, had she ever stepped outside the Lakshman Rekha? Perhaps, never!
Meanwhile, Ravan steps in the Ashok Vatika again and boasted his capturing  methods and shouted-“no one could ever find you here in the middle of the demon world; one day you would give up your hope too .”
In spite of catastrophe, Sita mumbled optimistically” Sri Ram will sure find me soon and let me free from your wicked world. ” Sita knew at that point of time that she was helpless and waited patiently for help from an outside source.
Similar to the story of Sita’s isolation in Ashok Vatika, there is a tragic story for person’s who are trapped in the web of addiction.
 An individual who suffered from addiction never knew about his aftermath of crossing the limit of consuming alcohol or drugs daily. Once brain chemicals depended on the alcohol and drugs, unfortunately, exclusively using will-power of a person is not enough to overcome the hurdle of addiction. Outside assistance is needed to conquer the demon of addiction. These support comes in the form of medical management, family support and community involvement. Solely relying on prescription pills for addiction can result in a higher rate of treatment failure and consequently develop a chain reaction of frustration and anguish. Hence, fighting with the addiction to save a human soul is teamwork which requires dedication and perseverance.
The message for people trapped in a downward spiral of addiction should consist of a friendly and supportive tone. Rather than blaming the victims for crossing their limit line.


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