Behind the screen: benefit of expressing views on web world by health providers

Have you ever wonder how can the internet be useful for disseminating knowledge in the field of health science ? Perhaps, many health providers wish to exchange their wisdom at a population level however unable to navigate themselves towards web zone. Usually, health professionals usage of internet limited to checking emails, posting career milestones on social networking or researching their topic of interest on google scholar. However, as a communication tool, the power of the internet yet hasn’t been tapped by many health providers. There is a great level of leadership opportunity resides for health providers on the web world in the format of sharing clinical skills or illustrating their roadmap to success for trainee of the medical field.

Dilemmas of choosing medium and topics?
 I constantly get the questions from health providers: what the use of expressing an opinion? We are not writers, why to invest time and energy? A crucial issue concerning doctors while writing general materials for community or colleagues is the perplexity of choosing a subject matter.

For many of us, even before the subject matter is decided, the habit of self-sabotage knocks us down and writing goes to the back seat. To overcome challenges of self-sabotage one needs to reframe the thinking process and look at the bigger picture of the utility of presenting viewpoints. The perspective as a health professional one is presenting usually are unique if written in a reflective format. Nowadays, narrating people about one’s personal experience of a medical school and the hospital is just a click away using social networking sites or webpages.
Overall, for maintaining positivity among health providers , one must continue to invest time in expressing views and suggestion through web networking.

medvarta_behind the screen

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