Nonsense can make a sense : welcome to the world of toddler


Each set of couple with kids faces unique set of challenges for their kids . Suggestions that works for others may not suits you as a  parent . Hence, tailoring is needed according to one’s situation. However, common denominator of safety and teaching a child about basic human qualities in a fun way remains constant.

For mum and dad think for a moment what is the pay off for child for doing harsh or rough behaviour. Usually, they try to be innovative and create a fun environment. What seems a nonsense for us , is completely making sense to them .

Try to  navigate their action with your knowledge and key is communication. When we raise baby , often we forget that toddler needs talking, they need to communicate in a way where he or she feels like a big boy or big girl . If you feel that some action is going to create accident , give them the information. However, way you give information is not from the angle of higher authority. As kids are born leaders and they can destroy authorities in their life;no one except true love can win the battle with them . Hence, make up a story format and say that you see a boy of same age and he was doing something dangerous at home and you need to rescue later as he bangs his head on wall etc . Another important thing kids must be understanding about is the ‘ personal space ‘. A personal space is a zone which is one hand distance around a person and one can’t hit it or touch it ( atleast at time of anger ) . Letting them know that dealing with grievous injury is beyond the control of a mom . Explain reason . Stopping every fun behaviour in name of risk would also not a justice with kids . It’s hard to be a parent of a toddler but provide an opportunity to setup a great relationship with your kids .

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