Lifestyle and lifestyle choices


Usually, the word lifestyle synonymised with grandiosity, opulence and beauty in magazines and newspaper. The glossy larger than life images are enough to capture the senses of readers and persuade them to be part of the affluent brand.

Unfortunately, my illusion with the word lifestyle shrank after visiting the arena of public health. Here, mercilessly,  the extravaganza term  ‘ lifestyle’ is amalgamated with the name ‘disease’ and submerged in the sea of ‘lifestyle diseases’. The term and effect both are equally obnoxious and have a Hercules power to give an obese person a heart attack or conspire to generate lung cancer for a smoker. Unfortunately, in the enchanting sea of ‘lifestyle disease’ artistically designed flute glasses with long stem cannot subside the unwanted effect of excessive drinking.

Perhaps, acronym ATMAS may have the key to deplete the terrifying impact. ATMAS stands for ‘According to my alternative solution’, where a person says yes to healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the burden of ‘lifestyle  disease ‘.

Wish 2020 brings happy and healthy ‘life’ ( in style ) for you and your family . Stay connected

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