Wrap the soul under glittering layers

Are we trying hard to wrap real us under so many glittering layers: But Why? Perhaps, we need to, or we compelled to?

Gone are the times when professional and personal life was well demarcated. People can recollect that in the ’80s there were some close friends or family who were outside from their professional zones. These friends were there to discuss any problems, and there was no need to look good in front of them as their presence was enough to make you feel good. However, the time has changed rapidly. Now, even on social media, there is a pressure to look professional in front of everyone along with a practical understanding that no one is your true friend. One must look modern and sophisticated, no matter how one is feeling. The unsaid rule dictates no sorrow, and slogging should visible. Showing one’s energetic self is much necessary rather than talking about low times and tensions in life.

Along with success comes the confusion of projecting as modern and hiding the small-town past. Undoubtedly, the rawness of a village, small town or culture should be celebrated that shape a unique identity to an individual.

A person should tell a story and a journey of his unique self, rather than compartmentalising boxes of stories into two: a successful novel and an unsuccessful comic. How can we segregate our society into two groups: achievers and failures?

The ‘dream sellers’ of our community provide young generations with a blueprint of success. In these blueprints, they promise to create an exact clone of previously successful people. Naturally, as a naïve one wants to erase every learning from the past and follow piped blindly to reach to the bracket of success, the punishment of leaving the road map of success is catastrophic; it may start with tagging a person with the adjective of a loser, flop or unfocused. Sometimes there surrounds a fear: the fear of rejection and chances of losing reputation. Such doubt can perplex any individual and sense of being humiliated by peers can enough to break any individual.

Our generation must take pride that they are performing in the volatile world. Dreams are not: constant phenomena, a unidirectional road, or a destination. Dreams are a flexible journey that needs to be enjoyed and cherish.  



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